Coffee Trivia Questions and Answers

Coffee Trivia Questions and Answers

Is coffee a major commodity?

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. It ranks behind oil and above natural gas. One could say that we need coffee as much as power and energy, which makes sense since coffee is known to give us a lift.

What is the largest coffee producing country?

Brazil is the top exporter of coffee. This is followed by Vietnam, Columbia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Honduras, Uganda, Mexico, and Guatemala – all of which are located in the tropics.

What is the top coffee consuming country?

The USA and Brazil are neck and neck at the top in terms of total tons of coffee beans consumed. However, a more insightful statistics is perhaps a per capita basis. Finland is the top coffee consuming country per capita, followed by Norway, Netherlands, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia, Denmark, Germany, and Belgium – all European countries.