Coffee Trivia Questions and Answers

Coffee Trivia Questions and Answers

What is the relationship between coffee and Coffea?

Coffea is a genus of plants from which coffee beans originate. These plants produce green or yellow fruits that are called cherries. They ripen to red or purple cherries. Most of these cherries contain two seeds (some contain one) and these are the coffee beans, but not as we know them – they still have to be roasted.

Is coffee really a bean?

This is a trick question. If you had read the above quick explanation, you’d know the answer.

What is Arabica? Is it the best coffee?

Arabica is a species of Coffea. Arabica is the most cultivated plant for coffee beans. It accounts for about 75% of the world’s production, so just because a bag of coffee says “Arabica” doesn’t mean it is the best. However, these coffee trivia questions and answers recognize that Arabica is often considered the finest source of coffee beans. The deciding factor should be the grades assigned to these beans. For example, Colombia grades its coffee Supremo, Excelso, Extra, and Pasilla, in descending order of quality.

Why is coffee roasted?

Raw coffee beans are tasteless. Roasting turns the carbs and fats in the beans into oils that smell like the coffee we know and love.