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Queen of Jasmine Green Tea


Queen of Jasmine

Premium Chinese Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea is one of its kinds, delicate and exotic in nature, it has been used by centuries by the Chinese. For the Chinese, it is like a “spirit soothing elixir” which calms down both body and the soul. This tea is made by incorporating jasmine blossoms with green tea, which results in a miraculous drink known as the “jasmine green tea”

Sencha Kombucha


Sencha Kombucha

Delicious Kombucha Green Tea

Here is our to Sencha Kombucha, a probiotic fermented tea that was oh-so-popular in the hippie culture during the 60\'s. Our Kombucha Sencha is a lemon, kambucha 1.5%. Kombucha has had somewhat of a revival the last few years, and now, not only can you still find people making their own home brew...

Sencha Sakura


Sencha Sakura 

Delicious Japanese Cherry Green Tea

Sakura is the ubiquitous flowering cherry tree planted in Japanese parks, along streets and within commons and yards. During late March through May, Sakura blooms across Japan. The Hanami festival celebrates the coming of the spring season and is the time to take a stroll and view the blooming cherry trees...

Sencha Strawberry Cream


Sencha Strawberry Cream

Delicious Creamy Strawberry Green Tea

Tea with the addition of dried strawberry, raspberry leaf and  sunflower petals with a delicious creamy flavour. The mixture of light and mild, leaves a pleasant and long-lasting creamy strawberry flavour...