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White tea is comprised of new, young tea leaves and buds and is only harvested for a few weeks each spring on days when it is not rainy or humid. Just like champagne, white tea can only be called “white tea” if it comes from the Fujian province of China.

White tea gets its name from a silvery type down that covers the leaves and unopened buds, known as "Hao".

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Jasmine Pheonix Eye Dragon Pearls


Jasmine Phoenix Eye Dragon Pearls

Yin Hao White Tea

China White Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl Tea A remarkable, delicate  and rare white tea. 

One of the finest and rarest teas in the world! Jasmine blossoms are placed between layers of white tea, with the process being repeated several times before being hand-rolled into delicate pearls...

Fujian Raspberry


Fujian Raspberry

Delicious Raspberry White Tea

Adored by all the tea with the addition of whole fruit freeze-dried and crushed raspberry leaves. Raspberries freeze-dried fully retain the properties of fresh fruit, have the same taste, smell, and most importantly, the same composition of the vitamin...

Fujian Lemon


Fujian Lemon

Delicious Lemon White Tea

Tea with the addition of lemon peel and lemon grass (lemon content of 2%) with a wonderful lemon flavour. 

The mixture of light and mild, leaves a pleasant and long-lasting lemon flavour.  Fujian white tea and lemon it is amazing combination of flavours...