Green Tea

Loose leaf green tea

Green tea, also known as unoxidized tea, is made solely from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant.

The leaves are plucked, slightly withered, then immediately cooked to preserve the green quality and prevent oxidization.

As a result of these methods, green teas have a much higher concentration of chlorophyll, polyphenols and antioxidants than other tea types.

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Bancha Japanese Green Tea


Bancha Japanese Green Tea

Bancha is common in most Japanese households and is traditionally considered a refreshing everyday green tea. Harvested from late summer through late autumn, Bancha is gently roasted to develop a pleasantly sweet, nutty flavor and a rich golden infusion...

Green Monkey Tea


Green Monkey

Fujian Lu Mao Hou Green Tea

Lu Mao Hou  - Green Monkey -  is a very popular green tea from Fujian province. Tea leaves are skillfully coiled into spiral bobbles. Colour of the leaves is saturated green with high rate of white downy tips, as the word "Mao" (downy) in the chinese name of the tea suggests...

Sencha Strawberry Cream


Sencha Strawberry Cream

Delicious Creamy Strawberry Green Tea

Tea with the addition of dried strawberry, raspberry leaf and  sunflower petals with a delicious creamy flavour. The mixture of light and mild, leaves a pleasant and long-lasting creamy strawberry flavour... 

Queen of Jasmine Green Tea


Queen of Jasmine

Premium Chinese Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea is one of its kinds, delicate and exotic in nature, it has been used by centuries by the Chinese. For the Chinese, it is like a “spirit soothing elixir” which calms down both body and the soul. This tea is made by incorporating jasmine blossoms with green tea, which results in a miraculous drink known as the “jasmine green tea”

Yunnan Silver Tips


Yunnan Silver Tips 

China Loose Leaf Green Tea

The southern part of Yunnan is a mountainous area, where the average altitude is about 2000 metres. "High mountain yields high quality tea" Chinese people often say. Truly, fine tea buds from high mountains are used as raw material to prepare for the following green teas...