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Milk Thistle Seeds


Milk Thistle Seeds

Whole Seeds 

Milk thistle is a flowering plant. Different parts of the plant are traditionally used as natural herbal treatments for a variety of health disorders. This is in part because of the powerful antioxidants it contains. It’s best known for its positive effect on liver health, but studies are looking into other possible benefits too...

Ceylon OPA Green Tea


Ceylon OPA Green Tea

Green Tea OPA is largest leaf grade among the Green teas. 

Green tea OPA and other green teas are also made from Un-fermented leaves not like black tea. These tea leaves therefore retain their green colour and delicate flavour. all type of green teas have many health benefits...

English Tea Ceremony.

In 1665 Queen Anne traded her regular breakfast beverage, ale, for tea imported from the Far East and soon began the tradition and ceremony of English tea. By 1700 there were more than 500 coffee houses selling tea in the city of London alone and tea had become an ingrained part of the British culture.

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